white on white

White on white

Palazzo Cusani

White interpreted as simplicity, as idealization, as the exploration of space through the use of shadows. White, as the value of synthesis, as abstraction and aspiration to an ideal model.

All the exhibition itinerary will be characterized by a white installation project and products, as the famous paintings of K. Malevič “White on White” (1918). Some of the most important companies, which will attend the event, will present a product or series of products based on white. The venue will tell about the different spaces of our daily life (the living room, bathroom, kitchen, office, the outdoors, etc.), decorated with objects provided by the companies themselves, and selected by a scientific team.

The exhibition is a design space with contemporary architectural installations completely white with uniquely-decorated surfaces in which the company products, selected by the scientific board, will be showed. It will not just be a simple product exhibition, but real installations in which the scenes and the lighting will change according to the experience being narrated. The items on display will be those used in decor, furnishings, novelties and even personal accessories.