white beyond blank

White Beyond Blank

Brera Academy

In collaboration with Brera Academy, there will be an exhibition in the halls between the Gessi di Canova and the vaults of the former Jesuit College which will show the outcomes of the analysis and experimentation processes realized by the departments of the Academy on the theme of white, explored through the practice of architecture, visual art, and design.

This research with the Academy will involve students from various disciplines, and will represent, in the various fields of visual art, an innovative research of the theme of white.

Through the creation of prototypes, the students will offer a precise vision of a “white future”, a both tangible and intangible symbol of well-being.

The exhibition in the halls of Accademia di Brera will continue until May 5th in order to present the prototypes and the research work to the companies and trade associations, thus connecting the study to the world of future markets.

Sponsor of White Beyond Blank are the companies: Stipa, Fattore P, Modular.