Stefano Boeri Architetti, Boeri Studio until 2008, based in Milan with offices in Shanghai and Tirana, is dedicated since 1993 to the research and practice of architecture and urbanism. More than 20 years of research and practical experience allowed the studio to develop a know-how of sustainable development of the projects at different scales, from social housing units to strategic urban development of the entire cities and regions. 

The studio carries on projects and regeneration strategies in complex environments, outlining and supporting synergies between the various stakeholders, public and private entities. In the design process Stefano Boeri Architetti collaborates with a wide network of professionals, from engineering consultants and landscape architects, to social sciences specialists, which allows to provide bespoke solutions over a wide range of territorial and socio-economical contexts. The studio has received several International awards confirming the recognition of its activity by the architectural community worldwide. 

The Vertical Forest was chosen The Best Tall Building in the world by CTBUH (Chicago) and received the Best High-rise Award by DAM (Frankfurt).


URBAN HUGS is a dedicated hugging space. 

An area where people can escape from their social interactions and hug each other for a few seconds. A place where people can leave their urban loneliness and hug someone: the friend, the stranger, the lover, the son, the grandparent, the florist, the bartender, the boss, the policeman. URBAN HUGS is a variation of Radura to stay together, accompanied by Piero Salvatori’s cello (track “Visioni” from the album “Flyaway” - Sony Music). A fenced area where people can hug other people, protected from the city traffic, but not excluded from urban life, thanks to the tree trunks from Friuli’s woods. A wooden micro architecture that defines the physical border where people can stop and isolate themselves from everyday rhythms. 

URBAN HUGS is composed of 95 wooden cylinders 5 m high, which constitute the perimeter of an area that is both permeable and intimate. The columns are anchored to the ground through a wooden platform, of external diameter 2.2 m and 1 m of internal. A place for two. URBAN HUGS is an area where to stop. A calm place. It’s a project of an open and permeable space. A place where to live. It’s a system that dilutes the intensity of flows and transfers. A place for wellness. It’s an intimate place where people can meet. An area to inhabit. It’s the sound experience in contrast with the background. A place to contemplate. 

URBAN HUGS is a place where to stand close to each other. A space to hug.