Exciting, fluid, functional, this is the language that distinguishes Marco Piva’s architectural creations, product design and interior design. The effort in material research and technology, the value of differentiation and innovation, leads to an intense design production become one of the most representative in the contests of the Italian creativity and design. Studio Marco Piva works ranges from Masterplan to Architecture, Interior and Industrial design. 

Marco Piva, a traveller and a designer, is an innovator who is dedicated to create unique design solutions pervaded by stylistic freedom. In Japan, in Osaka, the Studio has participated in the design and construction of the innovative complex Next 21, in the UAE designed for the hotel and residential complexes of Oceana and Tiara on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. Studio Marco Piva has also designed the Laguna Palace in Mestre, the Port Palace in Monte Carlo, the Hotel Mirage in Kazan, the Una Hotel in Boulogne, the THotel in Cagliari, the DoubleTree by Hilton in Mogliano Veneto and the multifunctional complex Le Terrazze in Treviso, awarded as one of the best projects dedicated to recovering industrial architecture. 

Recent projects are the Feng Tai Business Cluster, the Yuhang cultural Center, the Dianshan Lake Master Plan in Shanghai. In Italy realised the prestigious Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan that won nine architecture and design international prices. He also designed the Concept Design for Bulgari worldwide windows and the Casa Alitalia lounges for Alitalia. Currently, Studio Marco Piva is engaged in the development of hotel complexes and prestigious private houses in China, United States, India, Montecarlo, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Algeria and Albania, and in the creation of design furniture and complements for the main companies in this field.


Aluminium, Marble, and Light. The installation, City of Light, is a further investigation into the ratio between matter and light in Marco Piva’s Architectural projects. City of Light is developed following previous architectural/sculptural projects made by Marco Piva in the context of architectural artworks called “Light Columns”. In a play between scales and volumes, various volumetric elements of different heights arise and grow vertically, simulating the architectural environment of hypothetical metropolis. 

The installation consists of 20 blocks of white SIVEC polished marble, supported by honeycomb opal structures that uniformly disperse the light through the stone material. The base plate, which recalls the regular grid of an urban plan development, contains a system of LED projectors characterized by a frosted cold light. 

City of Light, which appears as a “heavy” element in the daylight, becomes gradually lighter as darkness approaches. The installation was built with cutting-edge techniques by HELIOS AUTOMAZIONI, an Italian company and worldwide leader in the production of machines for marble processing. Partners: Collaboratori: Nicodemo Marmi srl - Morrone Group Arreda srl - Aceto Marmi sas di Aceto Sante & C. - Progetto Marmi di Talamo Antonio