Carla Baratelli - Studio Asia

At Palazzo Cusani you can admire Arch. Carla Baratelli and her Studio Asia’s white virtuosity.

Materials and lights will parade in their endless shades of white.

In an elegant and dynamic style game, Arch. Carla Baratelli who is the creator of a well-known boutique inside Palazzo Cusani, concretizes her inspiration. In occasion of the event White in The City during the Design Week, Studio Asia’s interpretation of white is the result of the interaction between matter and light. Passion for design, matters and light are Arch. Baratelli’s and her team basis to develop and re-enact them in a new way.

White expresses hope for future. White represents light, simplicity, sun, air, purity, elegance and style. White is the revitalizing light, which regenerates the organism and brightens your mind. With these premises Studio Asia gives to white the femininity and the grace of women who wrapped in matter dresses, bring the visitors inside the space where you can find a selection of prestigious, unique and innovative matters.

Total white devised by Arch. Baratelli’s hand, covers the shining OIKOS paints, main sponsor of the White in the City event with the sophisticated motives of RESSTENDE textiles, going through the preciousness of CORA’ PARQUET wood, and the three-dimensionality of PORCELANOSA ceramics and going on with the exclusivity of ORSONI Venetian glazes and golds from 1888 (TREND GROUP, heady scents of flowers of SANDRINI GREEN, to go to interesting cement processing of CIMENTO and exclusive solutions of PAVARESINE resins and touch the wall of the infinite laminates by ABET LAMINATI and conclude with the luminous eclectic artistic decoration of KNIKERBOKER up to the high technology of LED products by Aldabra and EMERIDE.

Arch. Carla Baratelli and Studio Asia